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- We're here to continuously keep your mental health in shape

Welcome to Nigeria's first all-inclusive, non-judgmental space to unburden your mind with no fear of bias or judgment. We believe you should always have a buddy to talk to, and now, we're bringing them to you.

Sometimes an ear is all you need. Try iRant

With iRant call/chat, you can unburden your mind and share your everyday struggles with our trained mental health service providers, we like to call them buddies, who are there to listen to you rant it all out, no filter

Other times, you may want to talk to someone more professional

With a few clicks, you can access the best therapy sessions with our qualified psychologists from the comfort of your home.

Bare Your Mind

This is a community of like minds. We all have stories, sharing them helps us find closure, and strength to push through yet another day! Share your story and be heard.

"We na your padi, follow us yarn"

"Anyi bu ndi enyi gi, gwa anyi okwu"

"Ọrẹ rẹ l'awa jẹ, ba wa sọrọ"

"Mu abokan ku ne, yi mana magana"

No need struggling to express yourself in a foreign language,
iRant-inclusive understands your mother tongue perfectly

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