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At MyCareBuddy, we strongly believe every individual should have access to the best mental health care. Our goal of creating a world of mental health wellness begins with one person at a time and this time. We are a team committed to bringing this deserved care to the public on even easier terms.

Our team of expert psychologists with relevant hands-on experience provides online therapy sessions to users as cases demand. Beyond that, we provide an opportunity to freely express yourself and share daily life's experiences with our trusted buddies even in languages of your choice.

With our iRant buddies, everyone gets the chance to unwind unfiltered. Everyone gets a voice and is heard exactly how you want to be heard. In simple terms, you get the chance to talk! It sure cannot get simpler than that.

Mentally healthy workplace prevents burnouts, absenteeism, turnover and enhances productivity and peak performance. In a bid to ensure organizations are well compliant in this regard, Mycarebuddy offers mental health training for organizations' employees at a very affordable rate based on prior negotiations that include venue, training tools, and other logistics.

The Team

Ebere Okonkwo

Chief Executive Officer
Mental Health Enthusiast and Advocate

Kunle Pelemo

Mental Health Strategist
Global Mental Health/Suicide Prevention Enthusiast


Banky Moore

Director, DFS Africa


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About Us


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