Our Buddies

Adeola Agbelemoge

English, Yoruba buddy

Adeola Agbelemoge is a licensed Human Resources Generalist, Counsellor and Coach with commendable work experience across different sectors. A client focused mental health counselor with passion for helping people.    

Awaye Ololade

English buddy

Awaye, Ololade Modupe is a psychologist, listener and mental health advocate, passionate about mental health awareness and reducing the stigma associated with mental health challenges to the barest minimum, ensuring every individual feels comfortable talking about their emotional and psychological problems without the fear of being labelled. She is also a dedicated volunteer and dog lover.  

Bukola Arowoloju

English, Yoruba buddy

Bukola is an Advocate for Mental Health who has a strong interest in promoting the emotional and psychological wellbeing of people. She provides counselling and psycho-education and help people work through their emotional struggles.
She is currently a brand ambassador/Mental Health Advocate at Mycarebuddy and her passion is to make the world a friendlier place for people living with mental health problems.

Somto Anyaduba

English, Igbo, Pidgin buddy

Somto Anyaduba is a dexterous and growth driven young African. An ardent believer in the creative abilities of the mind. He is committed to helping individuals discover their uniqueness through his experience and knowledge in human psychology.
He is a graduate of Educational Psychology, Guidance and Counselling from the University of Port Harcourt.

Esther Adeola

English, Yoruba, Pidgin

Oluwamotemi Esther Adeola is a psychologist,listener and promoter of individual wellbeing. She loves encouraging people and make them see the best in themselves.
A graduate in psychology who understands to certain extent,who people are and how to relate with them.
In support of a world that discourages negativity around mental health and allow people to discuss about their state of mind and emotional well-being without been stigmatized or judged.

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